Ornitographies Exhibitions

CURRENT Solo show, Luminic Photo Festival, March, Catalonia 2021

Solo show, La Destil·leria Art Gallery, Mataró, Catalonia 2021

Group show, L'Illot Sauvage, Renne, France 2020

Solo show, Kant Festival, Thisted, Denmark 2020

Solo show, Mazier University in Saint Brieuc, France. 2020

Solo show, Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany. 2020

Solo show, Université de Rennes, France. 2019/20

Solo show, Centro Fotográfico Alvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, México. 2019

Group Show, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, US, June 2019

Solo show, Punt De Vistes Art space, Barcelona. 2019

Solo show, VIPHOTO festival, Euskadi. 2018

Solo show, “Stream Unconference”, Greece. 2018

Solo Show, Triple Space art Galery, Rusia. 2018

Group show, "Photovisa festival", Rusia. 2018

Solo show, “Festival Chapitre Nature”, France. 2018

Goup show, "Phes", Madrid, Spain. 2018

Solo stand at fair, “Utopia Photomarket”, Barcelona, Spain. 2018

Solo show, Casa Golferich, Barcelona, Spain. 2018

Solo show, Fine Art Igualada Photo Festival, Spain. 2018

Solo show, Mijas Contemporary Art Centre, Spain.2017

Solo show, NPO Swiss Cancer League, Switzerland.2017

Solo stand at fair, “Utopia Photomarket”, Barcelona, Spain.2017

Part of “Leonardo, or the dream of ying” exhibition at Museo Twentsewelle, Holand.2017

Group show “Freedom”, Aperture Foundation, New York, US 2017

Ornitographies, group show, Fine Art Igualada Photo Festival, Spain.2016

Solo stand at art fair, “Utopia Photomarket”, Barcelona, Spain. 2015

Project presentation at the Observatory, Barcelona, Spain. 2015


Solo show “Autoretrats”, Can Basté, Barcelona, Spain.2007

Solo show “Paisatges Temporals”, Jardins de la Pau, Spain. 2007

Group show, “Delta de Llobregat”, Prat de Llobregat, Spain 2006

Group show, Fotomercé la Virreina, Barcelona, Spain. 2006

Group show, “Delta de Llobregat”, Jardins de la Pau, Spain.2004

Group show, “L’Estiu Insòlit”, Centre d’art la Capsa, Spain. 2004

Group show, “Insomni”, Escola GrisArt, Barcelona, Spain 2003

Group show, “Cubic”, happing Pota Blava, Spain. 2003

Selected publications

Revista Salvaje, Spring 2021

Birdlife magazine, Spring 2021

Natur Magazine, Germany , April 2021

Audubon Society magazine , Spring 2021

Granta Magazine , November 2020

Yorokobu magazine, November 2020

Sierra Club Magazine , September 2020

Natuurfotografie Magazine, June 2020

N magazine , Norwegian Airlines, January 2020

Binspired magazine, Belgium, June 2019

Courrier International, France, November 18

Descobrir Catalunya, September 18

La Fotografina Magazine, Spain, autumn 18

Seo bird Life Magazine, Spain, autumn 18

Fotoforum Magazine, Germany, November 18

Der Greif Spring summer 18

Fine art FotoMAGAZIN edition, Germany, 18

About trust magazine, Germany, September 18

La fotografia magazine, Spain, September 18

SEO birdlife magazine, Spain, sptember 18

Audi Magazine, Worldwide, Spring 18

212 Magazine, Worldwide, Spring 18

Studio 21 Art Magazine, Lisbon, Spring 18

Illustreret Videnskab, Denmark, May 18

Fotomagazin, Deutchsland, May 18

Bild om Sonntag,Deutchsland, April 18

National Geographic USA, January 2018

Geo Russia, January 2017

National Geographic Spain, April 2017

Geo Deutchsland, January 2017

Pro Photographer Magazine New Zeland, January 2017

Migrate Magazine South Africa, December 2016

Chaeg Magazine South Korea, January 2017

Greenpeace Magazine Alemania, Octubre 2016

Wilderness Magazine , February 2017

Professional Photographer's of America magazine, EEUU, January 2017

Revista superinteressante Brasil, February 2017

Visiones, España February 2017

Zygote quarterly. EEUU February 2017

The Guardian UK November 2016

Sonntag Alemania, October 2016

Volkskrant Holanda, November 2016

The spiegel Alemania, November 2016

De morgen, Beglium, Octubre 2016

Metro Helsinki. November 2016

Metro Chile, November 2016

Metro Colombia, November 2016

Metro Mexico, November 2016

Politiken, Denmark December 2016

Selected websites

Audubon Society

Sierra Club

Scientific American

GEO Germany

National Geographic | US

Wired | US

Lense. | France

il Post | Italy

Verne. El país | Spain

National Geographic | Norway

Pixelistes | France

The culture trip

Vice. The creators project | Spain

Quartz | US

Gestalten | Germany

Golem 13 | France

Up Worthy | US

Juxtapoz | US

Que sabes de | Spain

Pausa periódico digital | Argentina

Cnn style | US

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Hyperallergic | US

Peta pixel | US

Swiss Miss | Switzerland

This is Colossal | US/a>

De Volkskrant | Netherlands

Metal | Spain

The guardian | UK

Esquire | Russia

Gizmodo | Japan

Jiemian | China