L'Illot Sauvage, Niort, France.

Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo, Oaxaca, México

Punt de Vistes, Barcelona, Catalonia

Fine art Photo festival, Igualada, Catalonia

Chapitre Nature, France

Casa Golferichs, Barcelona, Catalonia

Museum TwentseWelle, The Netherland

It was a pleasure to be part of “Leonardo, or the dream of flying” exhibition in Enschede, Holland.
The exhibition was about the human yearning to fly, from the devices that were made to get this dream done, to the solutions man found in nature to do so.

Centro de Arte contemporaneo de Mijas, Spain

CAC of Mijas, Spain, invited me to exhibit my work in this beautiful museum. It was a honour for me to show my work at the side of big names like Dalí and Picasso. Thank you for your warm welcome.

Aperture Fundation, New York

Biannually, the iconic Aperture Foundation organize collective exhibitions having a concrete subject. In this occasion, they chose one of my images to be part of it. The concept of the event was “freedom” and my traces of birds flying could fit perfectly with it. They even took my picture to promote the exhibition.

Una de mis imágenes formo parte de la exposicion colectiva que organizó la icónica Aperture Fundation.